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Roblox Promo Codes Redeem and Free Items June 2023

Roblox Promo Codes: Roblox is a massively popular online gaming platform with millions of players worldwide. With a vast library of user-created games and experiences, Roblox offers endless hours of entertainment for players of all ages. But did you know that you can get even more out of Roblox with promo codes?

Promo codes are special codes that you can redeem for free items, accessories, and other rewards in Roblox. They are periodically released by the Roblox team, as well as by individual game developers and partners. Promo codes can give you anything from exclusive virtual items to in-game currency, making them a valuable addition to your Roblox experience.

GameRoblox online games
Developed byAndroid, IOS, PC, Xbox One
Available onAndroid, IOS, PC, Xbox one
Promo codes statusAvailable
BenefitsGet free Robux, hat, t-shirt, pants, shoulder accessories, backpack, hairs, clothes, headphones, pet, gun skin, mask, outfit, Diamonds, many more
Free items methodPromo codes, Gift cards, Events, Promotionals, Avatar shop, giveaways
Article TypeRedeem Code
Roblox Promo Codes Redeem

To redeem a promo code in Roblox, simply go to the website or app and log in to your account. Click on the promo code redemption page and enter the code in the box provided. If the code is valid, you’ll receive your reward instantly!

Promo codes can be found in a variety of places. The Roblox website and social media channels often announce new promo codes, so it’s a good idea to follow them for updates. You can also find promo codes on fan websites and forums, as well as in-game events and promotions.

Roblox Promo Codes Redeem
Roblox Promo Codes Redeem

So, what kind of rewards can you get with Roblox promo codes? It varies, but some common rewards include free hats, accessories, and other cosmetic items for your avatar. Promo codes can also give you in-game currency like coins or gems, which you can use to buy items or upgrades in your favorite Roblox games.

Active Roblox Promo Codes

The following promo codes are currently active and can be redeemed in Roblox now:

  • TWEETROBLOX: The Bird Says shoulder pet
  • SPIDERCOLA: Spider Cola shoulder pet
  • DIY: Kinetic Staff (Island of Move)
  • GetMoving: Speedy Shades (Island of Move)
  • SettingTheStage: Build It Backpack (Island of Move)
  • StrikeAPose: Hustle Hat (Island of Move)
  • WorldAlive: Crystalline Companion (Island of Move)
  • VictoryLap: Cardio Cans (Island of Move)
  • Boardwalk: Ring of Flames (Mansion of Wonder)
  • FXArtist: Artist Backpack (Mansion of Wonder)
  • Glimmer: Head Slime (Mansion of Wonder)
  • ParticleWizard: Tomes of the Magnus (Mansion of Wonder)
  • ThingsGoBoom: Ghastly Aura (Mansion of Wonder)

Here are all the new Roblox Promo Codes Redeem June 2023

  • SPIDERCOLA – Spider Cola shoulder pet
  • TWEETROBLOX – The Bird Says shoulder pet
  • StrikeAPose – Hustle Hat (Island of Move code)
  • GetMoving – Speedy Shades (Island of Move code)
  • SettingTheStage – Build It Backpack (Island of Move code)
  • WorldAlive – Crystalline Companion (Island of Move code)
  • VictoryLap – Cardio Cans (Island of Move code)
  • DIY – Kinetic Staff (Island of Move code)
  • FXArtist – Artist Backpack (Mansion of Wonder code)
  • ThingsGoBoom – Ghastly Aura waist (Mansion of Wonder code)
  • ParticleWizard – Tomes of the Magus shoulders (Mansion of Wonder code)
  • Glimmer – Head Slime accessory (Mansion of Wonder code)
  • Boardwalk – Ring of Flames waist (Mansion of Wonder code)

Promo codes are a great way to enhance your Roblox experience and get more out of the platform. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, there’s a promo code out there for everyone. So be sure to keep an eye out for new codes and redeem them before they expire!

In conclusion, Roblox promo codes are a simple and easy way to get free items and rewards in the game. They are released regularly and can be found in a variety of places, making them accessible to all players. So next time you log into Roblox, be sure to check for any promo codes that you can use to enhance your gaming experience!

Active Roblox Promo Codes Redeem

The following promo codes are currently active and can be redeemed in Roblox now:

  • SPIDERCOLA: Spider Cola shoulder pet
  • TWEETROBLOX: The Bird Says shoulder pet
  • StrikeAPose: Hustle Hat (Redeem within the Island of Move)
  • GetMoving: Speedy Shades (Redeem within the Island of Move)
  • SettingTheStage: Build It Backpack (Redeem within the Island of Move)
  • WorldAlive: Crystalline Companion (Redeem within the Island of Move)
  • VictoryLap: Cardio Cans (Redeem within the Island of Move)
  • DIY: Kinetic Staff (Redeem within the Island of Move)
  • Glimmer: Head Slime (Redeem within Mansion of Wonder)
  • FXArtist: Artist Backpack (Redeem within Mansion of Wonder)
  • ThingsGoBoom: Ghastly Aura (Redeem within Mansion of Wonder)
  • ParticleWizard: Tomes of the Magnus (Redeem within Mansion of Wonder)

Free Roblox items list

Lunar New Year Rabbit PalLunar New Year Rabbit Pal
Tommy PlayTommy Play
Gucci TownGucci Town
freebies for your avatar: Gucci Love Parade Print T-Shirt, Gucci Oversized Sunglasses, Gucci Pink GG Baseball Hat, and two different hairstyles.
Insomniac World PartyInsomniac World Party
PhotoSynthesiser Wings
Prime Gaming Roblox loot: Virtual Nomad BundleVirtual Nomad Bundlek.
Spotify IslandSpotify Island
Alo SanctuaryAlo Sanctuary
My Hello Kitty CafeMy Hello Kitty Cafe.
Tate McRae Concert ExperienceGold Pin – Tate McRae
Cica Gold Jetpack, Clarks Shoelace Wings, Desert Boot Headphones, Lion Head Helmet, and Shoebox Backpack up for grabs.
Samsung Superstar Galaxy featuring Charlie XCXSamsung Superstar Galaxy
Logitech Song Breaker AwardsLogitech Song Breaker Awards
Chipotle Burrito BuilderThe rewards are: Tie Dye Shirt (5 burritos), Doodle Bandana hat (10 burritos), Pepper Choker necklace (15 burritos), Spoon Shades (20 burritos), Cheese Frosted Tips hair (25 burritos), Foil Fanny Pack waist accessory (30 burritos), and Guacman back accessory (35 burritos)
Earn a Beats item in Dunking SimulatorDunking Simulator
24kGoldn Concert Experience24kGoldn Shades,
Sunflower Wings, Sunflower Sycthe,
El Dorado Concert Experienc
Vans WorldVans World promotional event
McLaren F1 Racing ExperienceMcLaren F1 Racing Experience
NFL TycoonNFL Tycoon
Brit AwardsBrits VIP Party

Roblox Promo codes Today (June 2023)

Roblox Codes list 2023Rewards list
CJBF8D7N3YNCRedeem for Raven Hunter Hood (NEW)
FREETARGETSANTA2022Redeem for Upside Down Santa (NEW)
FREEAMAZONFOX2022Redeem for Too COOL Fire Fox (NEW)
TWEETROBLOXRedeem for The Bird Says shoulder pet
SPIDERCOLARedeem for Spider Cola shoulder pet
ROBLOXEDU2021Redeem for Dev Deck
ECONOMYEVENT2021Redeem for Economy Team Cap
AMAZONFRIEND2021Redeem for Snowy friend
ROSSMANNCROWN2021Redeem for Crown of Electrifying guitars
TARGETMINTHAT2021Redeem for Peppermint hat
TARGETFOX2021Redeem for Fiery Fox Shoulder Pal
MERCADOLIBREFEDORA2021Redeem for white Flamingo Fedora
LKWINGO15Redeem for Upgrade Vehicles Code
WorldAliveRedeem for Crystalline Companion
SPIDERCOLARRedeem for Spider Cola
WALMARTMEXEARS2021Redeem for Steel Rabbit Ears
100MILSEGUIDORESRedeem for Celebratory backpack Roblox Espanol
SMYTHSCAT2021Redeem for King Tab hat
ARGOSWINGS2021Redeem for Topaz Hummingbird Wings
CARREFOURHOED2021Redeem for Pasta hat
KROGERDAYS2021Redeem for Golf shades

All the codes mentioned below can only be used and redeemed on the Island of move game lobby

StrikeAPoseRedeem for Hustle Hat
GetMovingRedeem for Speedy Shades
DIYRedeem for Kinetic Staff World
AliveRedeem for Crystalline Companion
VictoryLapRedeem for Cardio Cans
SettingTheStageRedeem for Build it Backpack

The promo code mentioned below can be redeemed inside mansion of wonder roblox game 2023. Claim that reward through swag booth inside mansion of wonder

FXArtistRedeem for Artist Backpack
ThingsGoBoomRedeem for Ghastly Aura waist
BoardwalkRedeem for Ring of Flames waist
GlimmerRedeem for Head Slime accessory
ParticleWizardRedeem for Tomes of the Magus shoulders

Pixel Piece codes June 2023

Here are all the new Pixel Piece codes:

  • DFSIR! – an hour of DF notifier
  • UPDATE1FIX1 – spins
  • UPDATE1 – five spins
  • UseCodeDessi – ten spins
  • 60kLikes! – 2k gold
  • Sorry! – 25 spins
  • Sorry2! – 20 race spins
  • RaceRolla – ten race spins
  • CrazyBeli – beli boost
  • GiveMeADrop – drop boost
  • HitNoti – an hour of DF notifier
  • WoopWop! – 2k coins
  • RESET0.5AGAIN – stat reset
  • RESET0.5 – stat reset
  • NOTIFYME2! – one-hour DF notifier
  • HeellsCool – beli boost

How do I redeem Roblox promo codes?

It’s easy to use your Roblox redeem codes, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Go to the Roblox website and log in to your account.
  • Click on the “Robux” button in the top menu.
  • Click on the “Redeem Code” button.
  • Enter the code in the text field and click “Redeem”.
  • If the code is valid, the reward will be added to your account.