Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes June 2023

Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes: Do you have dreams of owning the coolest, fastest and most unique cars on the block? Then Car Dealership Tycoon is right up your alley!

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Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes

Build your own car dealership from scratch, earn money, buy any car you want, and drive in style as you climb the ranks to get the best dealership of them all. For those looking to start the process, check out the OP codes below that you can redeem for some hefty piles of cash!

New Car Dealership Tycoon codes (June 2023)

  • 5thBday – 70K cash (NEW)
  • Upgrades – 70k Cash
  • OMGImPoor – 70k Cash
  • Foxzie250kSubs – Free Car
  • CriminalVan – 70k cash
  • FOXZIE Redeem this code for 15k Cash
  • Tstingray Redeem for 25k Cash

Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all the working/active Car Dealership Tycoon codes.

  • Season5—Redeem for 70k Cash (New)
  • 5thBday—Redeem for 70k Cash
  • Upgrades—Redeem for 70k Cash
  • OmgImPoor—Redeem for 70k Cash
  • CriminalVan—Redeem for 70k Cash
  • Helicopter—Redeem for 75k Cash
  • Drifting—Redeem for 70k Cash
  • FOXZIE—Redeem this code for 15k Cash
  • Tstingray—Redeem for 25k Cash

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Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes (Expired)

These Car Dealership Tycoon codes no longer work or have expired.

  • 200Trophies—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • 7Quests—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • Season3Soon—Redeem for 60k Cash
  • Hey2023—Redeem for 75k Cash
  • 7Quests—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • XmasIncoming—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • HyperDealer—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • CarFactory—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • IWaitLong—Redeem for 100k Cash
  • FreeTruck—Redeem for a Lucas Stabilizer Truck
  • Pumpkins—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • Season2—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • MoreKits—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • Bodykits—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • Season1—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • ATV—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • 1Billion—Redeem for 100k Cash
  • 825KVotes—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • NewBarn—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • Twitter50K—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • Interiors—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • Crimes—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • 4Years—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • BarnFind—Redeem for 50k Cash
  • 900MVisits—Redeem for 90k Cash

FAQ Roblox Car Dealership Tycoon Codes

How do I use Car Dealership Tycoon codes?

Load up Car Dealership Tycoon, either through the Roblox game page or the mobile app.
Hit the cog icon to the left of your cash balance, which brings up the Settings menu.
At the bottom of this menu you’ll see a text box inviting you to enter codes.
Type your codes into this box, and hit the green plus icon to redeem them!