Genshin Impact Codes June 2023

Genshin Impact Redeem Codes: Our Genshin Impact codes list shows free in-game rewards for the massive open-world RPG. The developer, Hoyverse, regularly offers free gifts during live streams, giving you things like PrimoGames, Mora, adventurous experiences, and more.

Genshin Impact codes gyanvekta

In this guide, we’ve got a list of every Genshin redeem code currently available and walk you through the steps to redeem them. This includes the Genshin Impact 3.6 livestream codes as and when they appear.

All the new Genshin Impact codes

  • GA9FPD42SJ4V – 60 primogems and five adventurer’s experience
  • LAQZMTPKNTYH – ten adventurer’s experience, 10k mora, five fine enhancement ore, five stir-fried fish noodles, and five jueyun chili chicken
  • GENSHINGIFT – 50 primogems and three hero’s wit (this code works periodically)

Genshin Impact 3.7 livestream codes

Genshin Impact codes
Genshin Impact 3.7 CodeRewards
XT82F8JZS4TR100x Primogems, 10x Mystic Enhancement Ore
2SRKFQ2YSMVV100x Primogems, 5x Hero’s Wit
5A92W9JZBLCH100x Primogems, 50.000x Mora
Genshin Impact codes

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Genshin Impact codes for free Primogems

  • 5A92W9JZBLCH – 100 Primos, Mora x50,000 (expires May 14, 2023).
  • 2SRKFQ2YSMVV – 100 Primos, Adventurer’s Experience x5 (expires May 14, 2023).
  • XT82F8JZS4TR – 100 Primos, Fine Enhancement Ore ×10 (expires May 14, 2023).
  • GA9FPD42SJ4V– 60 Primos, (expires May 30, 2023).
  • LAQZMTPKNTYH – Adventurer’s Experience ×10, Mora ×10,000, Fine Enhancement Ore ×5, Stir-Fried Fish Noodles ×5, Jueyun Chili Chicken ×5.
  • 4BQYGWQ9HTR5 – Survival Grilled Fish x1, Shimi Chazuke x1, Omurice Waltz x1, Once upon a Time in Mondstadt x1, Mora x30,000.
  • GENSHINGIFT – 50 Primos, Hero’s Wit x3 (never expires).

How to redeem Genshin Impact codes?

Genshin codes are redeemed online rather than in-game. Open up your Internet browser and go to the Genshin Impact Redeem Code page.

How to redeem Genshin Impact codes?
How to redeem Genshin Impact codes

How do I get more free PrimoGames?

While codes and limited-time events are the easiest ways to get free Primogems, you can also earn them the old-fashioned way by playing games and participating in select activities spread across the globe.

  • Chest – If you are traveling around the world and come across any chests, be sure to open them! These consist of a small number of primograms that may not make much sense at first, but really add up over time! As an added note, rare chests provide more primgames, so keep an eye out for excellent chests as you play.
  • Quests – If you have any quests left unfinished, be sure to complete them if you want a relatively quick injection of PrimoGames! Story quests and event quests are especially rewarding, so keep an eye out for any that pop up.
  • Daily Commissions – There’s no better way to earn consistent packages from PrimoGames than by logging in every day and doing your commissions. These don’t take a lot of time and the rewards are quite high compared to other sources.
  • Achievements – You may not care much about achievements in Genshin Impact, but they can be a great source of primo gems. This is especially true of some of the more challenging achievements, so take a look to see if you’re close to any major milestones for quick Primogem rewards.
  • Fully exploring the map – If you haven’t traveled the full length of the map yet, unlocking fast travel points and clearing that fog of war is a great way for new players to earn themselves some quick priority Great way.
  • Special Promotional Mail – MiHoYo will periodically send gifts to players, usually coinciding with the launch of a major update, the anniversary of the game, or your birthday! So, keep checking your inbox for this lovely surprise.
  • Buying with real money – It’s the Genshin Effect, and buying primogames like this is one of the primary ways to get a batch in your hands quickly. While you don’t have to spend the money, it is clearly the most reliable way to get the amount you want as quickly as possible. If your wallet can tank the hit, this is a great option.

Expired Genshin Impact redemption codes  

If your code isn’t working, it might be expired. Just for reference, here’s a list of recently expired codes:

  • Livestream 3.5 codes:
  • 9ARE6VLJT34H – 100 Primogems, ten Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • KBRE7D4KA2MM – 100 Primogems, five Hero’s Wit
  • 7S9X6V4JB2M9 – 100 Primogems, 50,000 Mora
  • Livestream 3.5 codes:
  • KARU3RG6NY65 – 100 Primogems, ten Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 5SRC28YNNYP9 – 100 Primogems, five Hero’s Wit
  • SB8UJ9H7NH8V – 100 Primogems, 50,000 Mora
  • Livestream 3.4 codes:
  • NS8TUVJYR4UH – 100 Primogems, ten Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • NSQTVCKYRMDM – 100 Primogems, five Hero’s Wit
  • LB8SDUJYQ4V9 – 100 Primogems, 50,000 Mora
  • Livestream 3.3 codes:
  • 8ARAU6FNBNPV – 100 Primogems, ten Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • NS8BD6EPS77Z – 100 Primogems, five Hero’s Wit
  • ET9SUPENB765 – 100 Primogems, 50,000 Mora
  • 6SP942Z3XVWH
  • 3B6RYY7AHX9D 
  • 2BP9HY6BYFR5